Set CMake_package_DIR to use in find_package()


I’just started exploring Travis CI.
To build my C++ cmake project I need to pass HDF5_DIR to cmake as argument. To install HDF5 I use mamba. How to define the path where hdf5-config.cmake file is?

For now my travis status can be found here: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence

In the linked build, you are installing libhdf5 and associated packages from Apt. Official Ubuntu Apt packages don’t have either HDF5Config.cmake or hdf5-config.cmake, so if you need them, you need to get the library from somewhere else.

If you are rather just asking how to pass a parameter to CMake on the command line, it’s via -D, see cmake(1) — CMake 3.20.0-rc3 Documentation .

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thank you for information, I will be more attentif next time.

For my futuretask: does Travis provide some tool to browse directories? Is there a way to see the folder’s tree (maybe somethink like file explorer with GUI or without it)?

ls -R or any other standard or additionally installed Linux tool.

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