S3 deploy: s3.rb `chdir': No such file or directory

Trying Travis for the first time, and I want to setup a deploy to my S3 bucket on AWS. Build fails with:

s3.rb `chdir’: No such file or directory

I am guessing it can’t find the ./build directory specified by local_dir option, but I tried “build”, and “./build” with no difference.

Please find my Travis YAML here:

The erroring build:

Anyone know what could be wrong? Thanks for your time!

P.S. Found the place where it’s erroring, really does look like something’s wrong with local_dir, because it’s getting all the way to push_app and tries to change into local_dir. Still not sure what’s wrong.

Alright I got it! Default “node” build doesn’t actually build :joy:
I added “npm run build” in the pre-deploy step, in addition to “npm test” which is done by “node” build template.

Are you trying to deploy to AWS Amplify with travis and S3 bucket? :slight_smile: