Send completed build files to a remote server

I would like to have Travis build my program for macOS and Windows as I don’t own a mac therefore this seems like a good solution however I need to send my files to a 000webhost server using ftp and I’m not sure how to do that in Travis without exposing my username and password.

Use secret (aka encrypted) variables for the credentials.

Example how I upload stuff to my server for examination when diagnosing stuff (you would likely prefer to do this at deployment stage instead though):

I am very new to using Travis CI but I think I understand what you are telling me to do e.g. I have set the environment variables in the settings and have changed my yml file to look like below however I would like to send everything within a folder how can I do that?

os: osx
osx_image: xcode10.2
language: node_js
node_js: "12"
  - npm install
  - npm run win-mac
  - cd dist
  - rm -rf win-unpacked
  - rm -rf win-packed
  - curl -T all_files_in_current_folder ftp://$FTP_USER:$FTP_PASSWD@$FTP_SERVER/

Also is my file even correct as Travis keeps failing to find my commits:

The 1st in Google on “curl send everything in a directory”