PyPy2 socket breakage on new default distro

Not sure what’s up with the Travis PyPy2 (Python 2.7.13 (8cdda8b8cdb8, Apr 14 2019, 14:06:44) [PyPy 7.1.1 with GCC 6.2.0 20160901]), but something in the socket support is unhappy. Example broken job:

CPython 2.7 and PyPy3 are both fine. It also works on my 16.04LTS with PyPy ( 7.0.0+dfsg-1~ppa1~ubuntu16.04 from the official PyPy PPA), I opened an issue on PyPy, too:

Issue for this on the originating project here:

Thanks in advance!

When I add dist: trusty , the problem disappears
Might be something to do with the containerisation of Travis.

Try disabling or removing the relevant cache.

Thank you both for your responses!

@jayvdb Right, trusty was the previous default, which is why this was working until the default changed. I’d like it to work with the new default instead of pinning back to the old.

@BanzaiMan Which cache would that be? Any advice/link on how to clear it?

This is explained in

Unfortunately clearing caches had no effect, except making the build take 20 seconds longer:

My preferred fix here would be to revert to the version of PyPy in the PPA:

You can use something like pypy-6.0.0 in .travis.yaml. But you should also report this bug on PyPy tracker, I think.