PyPy builds fail on jammy

If I define python: pypy my builds fail, is there any fix or ongoing issue?

Hey @Spineswitch,

Here’s a test config I did:

os: linux
language: python
python: pypy3.9-7.3.9
script: python -V

install: true

    - dist: bionic
    - dist: focal
    - dist: jammy

Visit my build here. It seems to pass.

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Hey @Montana,


python: pypy3.9-7.3.9

Worked and got our whole Python project on board? is there a reason why we can’t just do

python: pypy

Thanks @montana this solved our issue!

Hey @Spineswitch,

I’m currently looking into this problem. This might be something to do with how we name things, but this will be sorted out. For now the following:

python: pypy3.9-7.3.9

In your .travis.yml will get your builds up and running again. I will keep you posted when we get the situation fully fixed. Below is a screenshot of PyPy 3.9.12 running in Jammy.

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