Pull Request Cannot Trigger Travis CI Build After Transferring Repo to Organization


Does anyone know why my pull request cannot be triggered?

Pull request: https://github.com/lemaslab/ReUMP/pull/11
Travis page: https://travis-ci.com/lemaslab/ReUMP

I transferred this repo from my github account (XinsongDu) to organization account (lemaslab) a few days ago, I am not sure if this is related. Now I can only manually trigger build for the master branch of the repo. I want it to be triggered automatically once there is a pull request.


Quite possibly the side effect of an earlier GitHub incident.
Please try closing and reopening the PR.

Thank you @BanzaiMan for your quick reply! Actually I have tried this several time before and it did not work. I tried it again for this pull request: https://github.com/lemaslab/ReUMP/pull/11, but travis CI was still not triggered: https://travis-ci.com/lemaslab/ReUMP