Github PR not triggering build with READ role

This is the second time I have encountered this problem !
When add the write role to my github account, the Travis job can be triggered. No response after remove write role。

Hi @Donald

Can you share more details about the problem?

Is your account read access to
a) private repository under organization account in github
b) public repository under organization account in github

Is the Pull Request triggered:
a) from branch in the original repository
b) from fork under your github account, made from original repository

Is your github user used to sign in to Travis CI? Or is the build triggered by the user account, which is not used to sign in to the Travis CI?

Does the Travis CI Repository Settings are set to allow pull requests, builds from branch?

Can you describe exactly the steps you do, namely in GitHub (incl. which user has access rights changed to which repository) and in Travis?

I believe my colleague already reached out to you asking for some more details. It’d help to understand what is exactly that you are reporting, if you provided the aforementioned steps, which accounts are involved (github handles?), build link and PR id / base ref +ref (if it’s a private repo and you don’t want share in community thread, you may send it to the support address)?

Email was rejected, continue reply here.

Is your account read access to : a
Is the Pull Request triggered: b

You can use this GitHub handle pasocon1993 .

ref info :
af855f4f8d0ee31abd32044ab6e19de910cfe71a refs/pull/6499/head
6790b48fb8c87789a0cb1da73297be049d03dd4e refs/pull/6499/merge

Much appreciated, @Donald

It did help track it down. Cause removed, should be able to trigger PR from fork with no or read access rights to repository (assuming repository settings allow this).

GREAT :clap: