Ppc64le builds stuck in queue

I have a couple ppc64le jobs in my matrix, and today they stopped running; the jobs queue, then nothing.

Here is the project: https://travis-ci.org/github/nemequ/simde

To try to make sure it wasn’t a problem with my project, I requested a rebuild of one of the ppc64le jobs on a previously successful build. Now that one is just sitting there, too.

Also happening to some of my repos, it happened yesterday’s database maintenance:



The ppc64le jobs got cancelled, I restarted them and they now pass.

The s390x jobs errored (the log said simply “null”), I restarted them and they’re now queued. Will check back later.

Confirmed, my ppc64le builds are working now, too.

For what it’s worth, I haven’t had any trouble with s390x (and I do have an s390x job).

Still happening for me with s390x on some repos, but let’s deal with it in S390 builds are booting forever, as ppc64le is also okay for me now. Thanks!