PPC64LE jobs are stuck from time to time

In the course of a few months we noticed that quite often, while ARMv8 and System Z jobs run from the queue normally, PPC64 have longer starting times, and is quite often stuck in the infinite loop “Job received → Queued”.

See, for example Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence

Then, after a long period of time, it silently fails because of the timeout. It happened multiple times, the last time - yesterday.

Moreover, while some of such jobs can be restarted later when the problematic period ends, some always fail, no matter how often you restart. Like this one: Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence

It shows me “Automatic restarts limited: Please try restarting this job later or contact support@travis-ci.com.” every time on such jobs.

Could you please address this problem? The last time I contacted support there was no answer from them at all, and we have a paid plan for two parallel jobs!

Notably, despite many reports from us when such incidents happened for a period of at least a day, or other reports on this forum, the Travis CI Status page is always green, as if nothing happened.

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And it happened again. There seems to be a major flow in the infrastructure that should be addressed.

Aaand one more time. It’s getting really ridiculous, given the price we pay $129 for two concurrent jobs every month.