No cache support on ppc64 and s390x

Caches are not being saved or restored on the ppc64 or s390 builds. It would be nice if caching worked here, as it can make a big difference to build times.

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When reporting problems, please include relevant build URLs. Thanks.


On x86 and arm the builds start with lines like

Setting up build cache
export CASHER_DIR={TRAVIS_HOME}/.casher
Installing caching utilities
attempting to download cache archive

and end with the cache save step “store build cache”. Both are missing from S390 and ppc64le builds.


hi @randombit , checked cache support seems to be working on ppc64le - and s390x - Guess this got deployed to production along with ARM64 as seen here - No cache support on arm64? .
Can you please confirm @BanzaiMan

My arm64 build at the same time as previous was caching successfully so that’s not quite it. But I just restarted the same ppc64 and s390 builds as linked to above, and it looks like caching now works so I guess this has been resolved.

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