Overlapping build numbers between travic-ci.org and travis-ci.com causing issues with coveralls

A couple of years ago, my open source github project was moved from travis-ci.org to travis-ci.com. I’ve recently been having trouble with coveralls integration due to overlapping build numbers between the old builds on travis-ci.org and the new builds on travis-ci.org. I opened an issue against coveralls and their conclusion was that the overlapping build numbers was causing notifications to be directed to the wrong build. They suggested that I either switch back to travis-ci.org (which has the longer build history), or do something to change the build numbers on travis-ci.com.

I’d prefer not to move the project again. I’ve searched the documentation on travis-ci.com, but I can’t find any information about customizing the build number. Can you offer suggestions as to how I might avoid this issue?

Hi @chuckdumont,

James from coveralls here. Now that I understand your project moved from travis-ci.org to travis-ci.comthat travis-ci.com is the future of your project—I would recommend using the configuration we recommend to avoid this issue, here, in the common issues & troubleshooting section of our docs.

Adding service-name: travis-pro to your .coveralls.yml will make sure we’re only ever pulling jobs from the travis-ci-com service.

To explain the history there, our service was created to work with travis-ci.org and it’s still the default. Thus, without distinguishing a different service, we’ll check that API.