Open the `cancel` button permission to allow contributors to terminate the `matrix` build job

Is there any plan to open the cancel button permission to allow contributors to terminate the matrix build job? Not only is it harmless, it also saves travis resources.

Hi, hi @asdf2014! Right now, this is not on the roadmap, but it’s got an internally tracked issue… I linked your comment (here for Travis CI folks) and will let you know if/when it’s added.

In the meantime, I just wanted to say, I do really like the idea, though I’ll have to scope out the complexity of that change - we get the permissions for who can cancel builds based on who has write/push access to a repo, and it should be a simple things to split this out – question is (a) am I right? and (b) verifying the UX works in other cases as well.

Hi, @acnagy . Wonderful, looking forward to.

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It needs to be more than just people with write/push access to a repo.
If I submit a PR, I should be able to cancel the builds for my PR, even though I don’t have access to the destination repo. I know when I have made a mistake or I’m about to submit a follow up commit to the PR. Please let me cancel builds that are no longer needed for my PRs.

In other words, it would be people who have write/push access to the source branch/repo that the PR is coming from, not just the oeople with write/push access to the repo that is receiving the PR (and that triggered the Travis build).