Sender {User} is not allowed to trigger build in this repo

We have a public GitHub repository, when we push commit to it, we expected the Traivs CI will build automatically, but the build is failed with the following error message:

Sender {User} is not allowed to trigger build in this repo.

and the permission of the user in the repository is admin, so it should have the permission to trigger the build. we have no idea why this error happens

Here is the build request: Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence

And the GitHub repository: GitHub - getamis/coreth: Code and wrapper to extract Ethereum blockchain functionalities without network/consensus, for building custom blockchain services.

Thank you so much in advance!

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Hi, apologies for the hassle. Can you log out, clear your browser’s cache/cookies, and log back in? Trigger a build afterward to see if the issue is resolved.


We are running with same issue for couple of days. This is becoming a major blocker for production releases. is there any resolution?

This is affecting a newer team added to GitHub.
We set the team members in one team, then restructured some teams defined in Github and their repo access, if that is a useful data point.

We have this error on a build that was triggered due to a PR merged by the user in question. This does not involve browser session. How will clearing the browser session cache/cookies help with this ?


We’re having the same issue, did you manage to resolve it? or found a workaround?

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I’m having the same issue in a repo that I’m admin.

The odd thing is, this issue affects only 1 of our repos :man_shrugging:
All the rest of the repos are working fine as expected!

After I sent a message to travis support team, I just logged out and logged in and everything was working normally.

Can you reach out to, can you send them the usernames and repositories that this issue is effecting.

Thank you,