NVS version strings are different from NVM's


Hi, Travis (Community)!

I just switched on the multi-os (and therefore Windows) builds in my project. The first couple of times it crashed because windows can’t handle node version lts/*. But now all my Windows builds seems to time out, I can only see the hostname, version, instance, and startup information. And after 10 min it errors out. Is there something I’m doing wrong?


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I guess I found my answer in another thread, Windows Instances Hanging Before Install. Sorry to bother!


I’ve updated the topic to reflect the other issue you raised. (Although it was mentioned in Windows Instances Hanging Before Install, it was a little difficult to spot.)


NVS maintainer here. Yes, NVS version strings are different from NVM’s! Currently Travis CI seems to be making an incorrect assumption about LTS version strings with NVS. I commented in more detail over at Windows Instances Hanging Before Install


That is amazing, thank you @jasongin !