No Ruby for C build

Hi, thank you for ARM support.

I’ve tried to switch my C project to support ARM but I have the following issue:

/home/travis/.travis/job_stages: line 22: ruby: command not found

Could you please tell if there is a way to fix it?

I have encountered the same issue while I am building another project with travis aarch64 container.

Any updates will be appreciated.


Thanks @pavelkryukov and @yzyuestc!

We’re looking into this.

Best Regards

FYI this only started happening yesterday morning. My ARM64 C++ job was previously working fine.

Not working:

Same issue here:


I have the same issue

Looks like it errors at the point where it should be displaying the “Build system information”

I’m having the same issue in Julia:

I came here to find out how common this is, but I only see it mentioned in a few threads, mostly recent.

Works for me now. Thanks for fixing.

Problem still persists for me

Thanks for fixing the issue. Does any one know the root cause for this issue?

Thanks everybody for your feedback! Much appreciated.

@EwoutH - can you retry your build and let us know how it went?

Yes, we found the root cause. We tried to keep LXD OS images as light as possible (helps to keep awesome boot up time for the container) and apparently stripped them with too heavy hand - our Worker needs certain ruby setup being present, regardless of what language is your build actually using. We’ve fixed that (as long as we could cover scenario with our tests).