Builds aren't getting triggered May 17

Travis builds aren’t getting triggered. We had a working ci/cd setup being used in our projects(mostly node js apps) but travis stopped triggering builds for them altogether today. I created a test repo to see if it was a travis issue and it looks like something’s not working on travis’s end.
Link to the build: Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence
Link to the public repo: GitHub - dotel/express-travis
It worked for one time and then stopped working again.

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We have exactly the same issue

Looks like they’re working on this. It started working(triggering the builds incorrectly) when my commit message had please in it. Maybe that’s the trick for now? /s

Also, the error message I’m getting now is of ruby language.

Fixed now, everything works normally.

We had a problem with Travis Listener, it is now resolved and builds should be back to normal.