Migrating automation to use the check runs API


with the deprecation of using commit statuses API, i’ve been trying to catch up and get one of my tools that used the old approach to the point of working again. I was aware some of this was coming, but hadn’t yet taken the time to understand the full impact yet, so i’m scrambling a bit at this point.

unfortunately, my tool is still an OAuth app rather than a “GitHub app” and uses the personal access token approach to accessing data. from what i can tell, the check runs API is only available to GitHub apps, not OAuth apps.

is the only recommended migration path to convert apps to be GitHub apps? building a Probot version of the tool is already on my todo list, but if there is a way to keep OAuth apps functional, that would give me a bit more buffer to complete the Probot version.

any insight and recommendation is appreciated


Hey again @travi - thanks for the question. So, technically yes, you need to move to GitHub Apps but on-the-record-off-the-record, support@travis-ci.com might be able to help with a backport turn the commit statuses back on. If you can email them, that’d be great!

Also: apologies for the short notice! We were seeing rate limiting issues with GitHub and had to quickly come down on things like the duplicate notifications. Thank you for your patience!