New checks UI on GitHub: Going from PR to build log, without using checks page?


(I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask)

Is there a way to go from a Pull Request directly to the TravisCI build log, without going through the checks page?

I don’t really care about any information on the checks page, since none of the tools in the CI build make use of the checks API.

The old commit status UI allowed to go directly to the build log. It would be nice if the new checks UI also allowed this.


i think if the checks page included the output for the failed step, i would find the checks page valuable. without that information, though, i agree. just seems like an extra step to get to the details


output similar to the ci-reporter probot would be very helpful on the checks page, in my opinion


Hey @phansch! Yeah! This is a good place to ask… that said, actually, this is something we’re in touch with GitHub about, too. The layout of the Check Runs integration is managed by their team so right now, we’re just able to put the log where it is currently. We really appreciate the feedback though, and will update here if we hear anything.

@travi Ah! that’s an interesting idea with regard to sharing the build log on the Check Runs page… It’s definitely something we’ll consider, though for the sake of maintaining styling ourselves, etc, I think we’re likely to keep the log hosted on our services. We shall see though. Regarding specific updates to GitHub issues - hmm… I think that’s unlikely right now (in the early days, we used to post comments to Pull Requests and all that, but it got tricky to manage at larger scale, which is how our reliance on the Commit Status/Check Runs Status came to be). We’ll definitely keep it in mind again for the future, though.


sorry, i wasn’t meaning to post comments like that probot app does. just wanted to give an example of the build output that would be helpful on the check runs page. thanks for giving it some consideration