Delivering output and annotations using Github Checks API (Migrated GitHub Issue)

It would be nice if Travis CI could expose access to its Github Checks API integration to somehow post linter annotations.

Original issue:

this would be great.

If providing the full output is too much for the github checks (as it can be quite long), an alternative solution might be to provide a summary of it: list all the script commands, with their status (passing or failing). And in case of an errored build due to a failure in an earlier step, display the failing command.

I too would like to take advantage of this feature, if available.

Is it as simple as creating an “annotations” file in some format, that TravisCI will then process and send to GitHub’s Checks API?

If you have Python 3.6 in your jobs, you can try using my CLI tool for that:

The python CLI tool looks interesting. However, my reason for asking is because I maintain a unit testing library (similar to RSpec, PyUnit, Mocha, etc) and I’d the ability to output the annotations file is something I’d include as an available feature. I wouldn’t feel comfortable tying that feature to a 3rd-party app, as I wouldn’t be in a very good position to help troubleshoot any issues.

Fair enough. I’m also having in mind a third-party GitHub App for “proxying” such things to the proper GitHub APIs… But I don’t have a demo for that yet. On the bright side, it’d be CI provider agnostic.

I’m playing around a framework for developing GitHub Apps @ if anyone’s interested in following the progress…