MacOS Build - An error occurred while generating the build script

I’m trying to get a macos instance running but I get the following error:

“An error occurred while generating the build script.”

There’s no other error messages.

I’m new to setting up mac builds. I got it to build a couple times, but I’m not sure if it’s my configuration script or a problem with travis.


I have the same problem for a day or two on my project, too, see

and these ran fine for quite a long time (and thank to travis for that!).
So it might be a general problem.


It seems like fails when it’s trying to queue the job.

This error has appeared at least since 6 hours ago but indicates no problem. That status is lying.

Some other similar job failures on OSX had sometimes appeared in the last few days but they were recoverable. But the current error is not.

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Confirming that the error happens intermittently – even for jobs of the same build that differ only in a single envvar from passing ones – and some config envvars are missing from the erroring jobs’ configurations.
So the problem is definitely in the processing infrastructure.

I’m seeing this as well:

I’m experiencing the same problem:

I’m also having the same problem.
Funny thing is that slightly shortening a certain if-condition of my .travis.yml file makes the macos build work successfully…

The only difference between the successful build and the failed build was as below.

  • My successful build:
if: branch = windows_ci_test OR type = pull_request OR type = cron
  • My failed build:
if: branch = windows_ci_test OR type = pull_request OR type = cron OR branch = auto OR branch = try

Same here.

Seeing this for both PRs and post-submits.

Same here

Same here :confused:

Same problem on our side:

This happens consistently for us too:

Happening here too:

Anyone have a workaround?

Yep “An error occurred while generating the build script.”
Occurs intermittently (but more often than not) on any builds generated by this chunk of .travis.yml / Anki-Android

Is there anyone we can tag in for escalation? @banzaiman perhaps - I just don’t know who to tag in order to know it has some attention for investigation

Sorry for the delay, everyone. We have identified the problem and working on mitigating an impact, as well as a fix.

We will be updating



My tests seem to run again, Thanks for your awesome support!

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Works for me too, many thanks :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Works on my end. Thanks

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Our macOS builds work again, thank you!

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