"An error occurred while generating the build script."

I am able to run my build locally and all tests pass. I have not modified my .travis.yml recently. Status page shows no errors.

Sorry if this is the wrong category. Never posted here before.

Hey @logancautrell,

It’s hard to say what’s wrong without seeing your .travis.yml. I’m given limited information here to work with.

It started working without any changes. Thanks.

Good to hear.

It happened also today in one of my jobs: Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence
My guess is that it was caused by a flaky network.

After looking at how far this particular build got, the problem is definitely within the processing infrastructure, probably a small one like a Travis worker being rebooted or refreshed.

Is this still happening? Your Travis job(s) run in a fully functional Linux environment, which includes the ability to create firewall rules, seeing when and if the network cuts out, use the unix commands at your disposal to get as much verbose information as possible.

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This particular error did not happen since then. However, 10 of 12 jobs since then failed, in most cases it was a stalled build without ever getting to the initial “git clone” command. Example failed job: Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence

@eserte we have pushed additional fixes on the image itself from then. Hopefully this should be fixed. Thanks.

Thanks, looks much better now.