Language: latex

I would like to propose the addition of

language: latex

It should not be hard, the machine preparation would be equivalent to:

language: minimal
    update: true
      # LaTeX decent font processor
      - cm-super
      # Image processing
      - inkscape
      # For git latexdiff
      - latexdiff
      # For Minted
      - python-pygments
      # LaTeX
      - texlive-base
      - texlive-bibtex-extra
      - texlive-extra-utils
      - texlive-fonts-recommended
      - texlive-fonts-extra
      - texlive-generic-recommended
      - texlive-latex-extra
      - texlive-latex-recommended
      - texlive-publishers
      - texlive-science

It should result in pdfLatex and bibtex being available as commands.
I think it would be reasonably simple to configure such environment also for osx and possibly Windows.

This configuration could be useful for academics.
I currently use it for my papers, but the environment preparation takes way longer than actual paper production (~3 minutes vs. ~20/30 seconds).