Karma support for Windows


Has anyone currently been able to use Karma to run browser tests with the Windows build. Here is a build of a project I’m working on and it is failing when trying to open both ChromeHeadless as well as Firefox: https://travis-ci.org/rooseveltframework/teddy/jobs/453705147#L224

There is no confirmation of Karma attaching to Firefox or Chrome so I am thinking it may deal with the installation of the browsers / karma not being able to find the locations of the binaries on Windows.

As such, this may be related to the issue previously created of Puppeteer not working on Windows container.


I’ve been working on this same issue. Based on the fact that it didn’t appear that chrome or firefox was responding, I decided to install them using chocolatey in a before_script. However, when I do that, it gives me an error that the chrome.dll can’t be found (the cancelled-before-it-failed build is here). From my research on that error, it appears that Chrome > 66 can’t be found on Windows Server 2016. The issue in the chromium bug tracker is here, though no one appears to be working on it. In that issue, it says that Chromium 72.0.3259.0 will work with Windows Server 2016, though when I install that version through chocolatey and then in that same before_script cd to the directory where that version is installed, print the contents, and then call chrome with some command line args, it errors out saying there’s no such command. I then opened up a Windows Server 2008 that I have access to and used the identical process (install using chocolatey, change to the install directory and call chrome with the same command line args) and it will start, but loses its connection. So from that, I know that it’s not the commands I’m using. I’m going to try and see if I can install Chrome v 66, but that will likely not work due to chrome’s auto-update feature (if I can’t find a way to disable it from the command line). I’ll post back what I find out.