Problems with Karma and Chrome

29 11 2019 12:41:03.654:WARN [launcher]: Chrome have not captured in 60000 ms, killing.
22229 11 2019 12:41:05.658:WARN [launcher]: Chrome was not killed in 2000 ms, sending SIGKILL.
22329 11 2019 12:41:07.661:WARN [launcher]: Chrome was not killed by SIGKILL in 2000 ms, continuing.
224The command “karma start karma.conf.js --single-run” exited with 1.

I have been at this all morning and really need to move forward with my life. Why on earth is this failing? The tests run fine locally and I have added the --no-sandbox flag to the launcher in Karma.

What else can it be?

Please link to the build. Copypasting stuff here gives incomplete information.

But this sounds like it’s debugging time. Gather more information on what exactly is happening behind the scenes and what the results of that are, in technical terms, when those messages are issued.

I suspect that this “launcher” tries to terminate wrong PID(s) and doesn’t properly detect and handle the “no such process” error condition.
The reason might be random chance due to unreliable code logic, but more probably, it’s a new version of Chrome with changed process spawning behavior.

Googling “karma start howto travis ci” and “karma start howto travis ci chrome” produces these guildes:

Karma - Travis CI

Running Karma tests for Chrome in Travis CI | Luke Boyle

I cannot vouch that they are up to date, but the 1st one suggests running karma start from Node’s configuration file for convenience, and it also actually starts xvfb that you seem to be trying to let the browser use.

I don’t know anything about karma but judging from the above giudes, you aren’t supposed to launch a browser yourself, it rather does that itself via some “launcher”. Google Chrome - Travis CI says that Travis provides a “custom launcher” for Chrome – this sounds like something that you are heavily recommended to use. has debugging tips, including debug logging. Your case looks like “The browser just does not start” section on the link which thus should be fixed by using Travis’ custom launcher.