Issue with Integration testing and calling external HTTP Protocols


In a private project I seem to be facing a very odd issue when running my integration tests.

In the test I am using the AWS SNS SDK to publish a message to a topic, the tests all run fine on multiple local machines, however in Travis when runing dotnet test it fails when the test attempts to publish a message to the AWS SNS topic and I get a HttpRequestException with a status of 404 Not Found. Under the hood, I would assume that when I try to publish the message to AWS it uses the HTTP protocol to push the message to AWS. If the issue was to do with the SNS client, I would get a AmazonSimpleNotificationServiceException, but I don’t.

As noted here, HttpRequestException is only thrown when an HTTP response can’t be obtained from the server.

I have double checked that the topic is correct, and have spent quite a bit of time debugging to try and figure out what is causing an issue, however I believe the issue could be to do with network security of the build agent.

Is it possible that Travis is blocking the HTTP request to AWS, which is causing the exception? is there a way for me to adjust the network security rules of the build agent?

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Please close this, turns out, it was an issue with an AWS access policy not allowing the build agent to communicate with AWS. I have adjusted the Access Policy in AWS and can confirm it is now working as intended!