Random network issues

last 5 days we are having random issues with network. From time to time we are not able to install package via apt-get.

Sometimes we are not able to push our image to AWS ECR:

Sometimes we are having problem with requesting our API in tests and so on. It does apper totaly randomly. I wrote to support yesterday, but with no answer.

Please let me know if someone else is having same problem. Thanks.

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I’ve been having the same for the past 5 days or so. Requests to Twilio and Stripe are randomly failing with a ETIMEDOUT or ECONNRESET errors. It seems to come in bursts. All the tests run fine on my local dev environment, but once it goes on Travis it starts acting up.

+1 - Travis Network Timeout Issue

I am experiencing network issues with both Linux and Windows builds. They fail randomly due to network errors.

+1 we have the same problem