AWS S3 deploy failing due to log length

Hi all,

I have a build ( which is currently failing during deployment (it seems) because the AWS S3 step prints the following log line many, many times:

/Users/travis/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.6.3/gems/aws-sdk-core-2.11.571/lib/aws-sdk-core/eager_loader.rb:22: warning: constant Struct::Tms is deprecated

until eventually The job exceeded the maximum log length, and has been terminated.

is there anything i can do configuration-wise to get this build to pass, or anything travis folks can do to solve it? this is for a release, so i’d really like to avoid having to modify my .travis.yml or other committed scripts. a similar build under the same configuration deployed fine about 2 weeks ago (

thanks in advance!

I’ve composed a fix. Please test it by specifying the following under the deploy entry:

  source: 'native-api/dpl'
  branch: 'silence_s3_warnings'

This also seems to be fixed in deployment v2, so a workaround is:

edge: true

that seems to have fixed it in a test build:, thanks!

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what’s the next step? will that be merged and deployed on existing machines or will i have to add something extra to my configs, or both? this is my first time reporting something like this here.

Once this PR is merged and gets into a tag, you can remove the above clause.

I’ve pointed out @native-api’s patch in the upstream issue:

Hopefully this patch will be incorporated and, there will be a v2.x release soon. This way, everyone can benefit from it.
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AWS have made a fix upstream ( and released it in .

@VIRTUALDOG as such, the workaround should no longer be needed.