Tests failing on Travis with endpoint not found error but work fine on local


The local regression tests for api calls for my project work fine but we get Forbidden error: endpoint not found. We have seen this error only when there was TLS version not equal to TLS1.2 on api calls.

Please help us in checking raw logs or if you can help us enable TLS1.2 version somehow.


It would be much more helpful for diagnostics if you didn’t lose the stacktrace at QuickBooks-V3-DotNET-SDK/IPPDotNetDevKitCSV3/Code/Intuit.Ipp.Test/SDKV3Test/Common/Initializer.cs:line 135. As it is now, it’s impossible to see what the root cause for those exceptions is which limits anyone’s ability to help you.

As for TLS 1.2,

Thanks. Let me add more diagnostics to see what happened. I already enabled TLS12 and that did not resolve the issue. So, not sure what else. Will check more and get back to you