Invalid config should be reported to GitHub as an error

So look at

There’s no Checks API check run for invalid an YAML, making it look like all CI/integrations checks are green. But in fact Travis CI just didn’t post anything to GitHub.

Now, I get that one can notice this at but this requires (1) knowledge that it’s there and (2) being attentive to see it on time. Current requests page view doesn’t show any errors either because this happened 2 days ago and there’s only a limited amount of requests shown there.

Fixing it

I think that travis should post a check run earlier than starting the build, on the stage of the YAML config parsing.

Also, you could use annotations to report parse errors right in diff:

I personally agree that invalid config should be reported.

As for adding more information on Check Runs via annotations, it is a separate feature that should be treated separately. (We did look at this when we implemented Checks API initially, and determined that it would take a lot more work than we could allocate in order to release Checks API support at that time.)

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