Github plugin reports build is queued (forever) if .travis.yml contains parsing error

Here is my .travis.yml file:

dist: bionic
sudo: false
# Avoid re-downloading dependencies on every build
    - "$HOME/.m2/repository"
  - docker
  - cp .travis/settings.xml $HOME/.m2/settings.xml
  - ./mvnw --batch-mode --show-version install
    - master

The parsing error is caused by cache containing multiple entries that are not prefixed by a hyphen. When I view my job on (requests tab) I see Could not parse [job id] but when I go on my Github pull request, “checks” tab I see a “Queued X minutes ago”.

Expected behavior: Github plugin should report that the yml file cannot be parsed, instead of reporting the build is queued forever.

Hello, there. Which repository is this?

Hi Hiro,

It is a private commercial repository. Do you need any bits that I have not shared above?


In that case, please email with details, and we’ll take a look.


Same problem here, private repo.

We recently had a merge commit on GitHub that weirdly added some whitespaces to the .travis.yml. The branch was building fine before and for the malicious merge commit, GitHub stated “Expected - Waiting for status to be reported”. Within TravisCI, the merge commit was marked as built and failed because of the malformed .travis.yml, but the failing status never got reported to GitHub.