Installing Docker 19.03+

I’m trying to install an updated Docker (19.03+) to enable the experimental binfmt integration support using Docker’s buildx plugin, as is done in this blog post:

However, after installing docker manually (instead of using the older one provided) the Docker daemon is not running. Running systemctl restart docker results in the error Failed to restart docker.service: Unit docker.service is masked. See this job for example:

Has anyone had success running this newer Docker version in their job? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks for reading.

Docker 19.03.6 package is available from ubutnu 18.04 default repositories, you have to update it:

apt update
apt install -y

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I just finished converting the openHAB Docker build from using multiarch images to one using official images and buildx on bionic. So far it all works well and it was less effort than I had expected. :slight_smile:

These are the lines I added to .travis.yml using bionic: