Docker container download fails

We’re trying to run our builds in a Docker container on the ARM runners. On the below page, all our ARM builds failed with “docker: failed to register layer: Error processing tar file(exit status 1): operation not permitted.”

This used to work fine.


(All ARM builds on:

It did work in

I’m seeing the same kind of issue here:
Same kind of error: “Error processing tar file(exit status 1): operation not permitted”
Tried to revert to bionic with the same outcome. This also used to work fine:

Seeing the same error on aarch64 with bionic and xenial as dist. Installing new packages in a docker container fails with the same error message.

Errors seem to be resolved for me. Can run docker again in aarch64.

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It indeed appears to be working again.

I’m disappointed at the lack of communication from Travis though.

Hi @thomwiggers @mayeut @adrianreber

Thanks for your feedback and reporting the issue.

Us not responding in Community Forum quickly doesn’t mean the issues aren’t noticed and put in queue for fixing :slight_smile: Sorry for longer silence though. I’m very grateful for all information you provide, as it helps us to spot and repair issues more effectively.

We have fixed a couple of configuration and infrastructure related items in last 3 weeks. If these downloads fail again, would you mind to update this thread with information?

All best and happy building!