Logs do not display in travis-ci.com for arm64 architecture

First, thanks for aarch64 support in travis-ci !

I wanted to try it out for the manylinux project but was troubled by builds failing after 10 seconds with no logs. I then opened a draft PR on the project to check if that was different on travis-ci.org. Indeed, a log showed up allowing me to debug the job.

This lead me to discover that docker build must be run with sudo in this environment (shouldn’t be the case ?)

Updated manylinux2014 PR for reference


Hi @mayeut, glad to see that you’re testing out the new Arm architecture.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
An issue with the logs on .com is resolved.
About the docker, currently we require to run commands with sudo, we are planning to allow docker commands in future images.
Happy building!

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Good to know, thanks @Damian

Do you have a reference to a GitHub issue I could subscribe to ?


The necessity to use sudo for docker on ARM+LXD builds has been fixed in the meantime, please look at: Ubuntu Bionic improvements for ARM+LXD builds .

Happy building!

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