Error processing tar file(exit status 1): operation not permitted


Not sure what’s changed in those days, used to work for image building on ARM hit the permission issue, here is the link of the of the report,

and the dockerfile looks like this,

ARG BUILD_FROM=golang:1.12-alpine3.9
ARG RUN_FROM=docker:dind


COPY ./build/edgesite/tmp/qemu-${QEMU_ARCH}-static /usr/bin/
COPY . /go/src/

RUN apk --no-cache update && \
apk --no-cache upgrade && \
apk --no-cache add build-base linux-headers sqlite-dev && \
CGO_ENABLED=1 go build -v -o /usr/local/bin/edgesite -ldflags="-w -s -extldflags -static" \


and everything is okay if it’s built on AMD64, does anyone knows how to fix the issue?


Seems to be the same issue seen in Docker container download fails
No answer there yet

@Michal, is that something you’re looking into ?

Hi @chendave @mayeut

Sorry for longer silence, this happens from time to time - lots of other items requiring attention as well.
I can see the build goes ok now - did you encounter issue with failed downloads of Docker containers recently?

not recently, follow-up in another thread you also answered to

IIRC this happens if you produce very much output very quickly and Travis logging system (which includes a network transfer) gets overwhelmed.

Don’t output the contents of the .tar file and you should be okay.

yes, this is not an issue anymore, maybe someone did something and fixed the issue.