How to get build status of particular commit using Travis API?

Hi everyone, how would one get the build status of a particular GitHub commit from the CI, or CI, (using the Travis API) of any arbitrary open source project?

For example, how would an arbitrary GitHub user (with a Travis account) query the passing/failed build status of this build based on the following information:

  • username: a-t-0
  • repository: Code-LatexReportTemplate
  • branch: main
  • commit: 2758dc700dfaa9726f0e1755753347b4d450acda

Note I am able to successfully get the history of that repo using:

travis history -r a-t-0/Code-LatexReportTemplate --pro --token some_secret_pro_token

After retrieving the pro token using:

travis token --pro

Working from commit side, it’s easier to use Github API for that instead:

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