Matching Raspberry Pi architecture?

I’m working on a project targeted at Raspberry Pi. The Model 3B and Model 4B both seem to use ARMv8 CPUs, which, from my reading, should be the arm64 architecture for the purposes of .travis.yml.
But it seems like Rasbpian and most distros for Pi are using 32-bit userland at least (often with a 32-bit kernel as well), which presents problems when you’re evidently compiling a 64-bit executable. So while a 64-bit exe is fine for distros like Gentoo, or Raspbian with entirely too much tweaking, it seems like a 32-bit binary (i.e. ARMv8 without the aarch64 extension) is really desirable for most Pi users.

Is there a way to generate an ARMv8, 32-bit build with just a value in arch? I.E. a build with output(s) that could be copied to a Raspbian device and be used immediately? I could use some docker/QEMU magic to do it “manually,” but that takes much more time and is harder to cache. (Not to mention that openssl seems to be broken inside docker/QEMU containers, even on bionic.)

This post can be helpful to run ARM 32-bit.

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Hopefully they’ll get it off the wish list and in prod soon… :crossed_fingers:t2:
Thanks for the link, that post looks useful!