Github CI notifiactions from Travis stopped working

Years ago I set up Travis to notify my GH pull requests of CI pass/failure but some time in the last year this stopped working. I have searched the documentation but was not able to find anything to sort this out.

An example of a project I am having this problem with is .

I have added a PR for testing travis/github integration: . The travis build is happening here .


If you set up Travis many years ago, there was a change (in late 2018) that could have stopped your Travis builds from notifying GitHub PRs: .

I’ve got a similar problem - somewhere in April the Travis builds on commits to master and PRs stopped to show up in GitHub (last working commit, first failing commit – the same happened in my fork). If you click on the green check mark, you see the link to both Travis.CI and AppVeyor in in the first case, but only to AppVeyor in the second case. Note that the builds themselves have been running, as can be seen in the history, they just don’t show up.
In the mentioned issue it is stated that this needs to be configured in Settings|Branches, but if I try that, I only get the option to select AppVeyor – Travis.CI does not show up. I guess I’m doing something wrong…
Also in that issue it was stated that the old functionality will cease to work somewhere in 2018 – either this has been expanded to 2020, or this is another issue at all. Any ideas?

Update: I just switched my repo off and on again in the Travis settings and started a rebuild, and it showed up in GitHub again, so it is worth a try.