Failed to receive email notification

Build failed.

This particular commit has configuration to always notify on failure, but I didn’t receive an email.

Please can someone help investigate?


There is no evidence of email delivery in the logs, so I suspect either this encrypted value is wrong or the email address is not verified on GitHub.

Thanks - the email address is definitely valid and verified on github.

I’ll try to repeat the secret generation.

I can also verify that the value is correct, if you want. Just let me know.

I’ve just updated the .travis.yml in master.

If you are able to validate the config that would be great:

The email address should correspond to my primary email address in GitHub:

I’ve confirmed the value decrypts correctly against the private key associated with this repository. Since the notification is configured to fire only on failures, could you trigger a failure, or change it to on_success: always?

In addition, could you turn recipients into an array instead of a scalar? In other words:

      - secure: 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
    on_success: always
    on_failure: always

I think the mail is not sent because the data structure doesn’t match what we expect.

Thank you for checking, that’s kind.

I’ll make it an array and set on_success: always to try this out.

Thanks again

I just tried to fix everything in

However I didn’t get an email notification for

Will I only get notifications for subsequent builds?

The notification is configured with the YAML configuration straight away, so there is no need for a second commit.

This is quite strange. I confirmed this configuration with encryption at and (and I got email for both). I can’t see why it’s not working for you. :-/

@BanzaiMan have you got logs at your SMTP servers (or whatever the e-mail is sent with)? That would confirm if the e-mails for the OP have actually been created and sent. If yes, the problem is on the e-mail side (spam filtering perhaps), and the server logs will give you the message ID and the next hop to check with.

There is no trace of email delivery attempt.

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