E-mail notification does not work

I’m building a simple project with Travis CI, but the e-mail notification doesn’t work. I’ve tried the following ways:

  email: a@a.com


      - a@a.com
      - b@b.com
      - c@c.com
    on_success: always
    on_failure: always

All of the e-mail addresses are primary e-mail addresses of GitHub accounts, and a@a.com is the owner and administrator of the repository, b@b.com and c@c.com are collaborators of the repository. I even changed the e-mail addresses to be public on GitHub, but that didn’t help either.

On the site of Travis CI: Settings -> Email notifications -> Build emails option is enabled.

The project builds fine, it runs the tests and exit with code 0. In this case, there are no error messages, or anything unusual that can cause the problem, we just do not receive the e-mails (spam folder also checked). I’ve tried to brake the tests, but the situation is the same - no e-mail when the code is broken as well. The commit status on GitHub works fine.

Do you have any idea how to fix my problem?

Same issue for me.
It stop working since 8 may for me. Previously it work perfect with the same configuration.
I Already contact support but no answer for the moment :confused:

Thank you for your answer! At least it is not just me. Could you please post the answer here when you get it from the support? That would be awesome! :slight_smile:

Yes no problem

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Hello, everyone,

Sorry for the inconvenience. We seem to be having problems with our delivery service, and are looking into it.


Same issue for me.

Thanks for your answer! Hope you can fix it soon :slight_smile: keep up the great work!

working for me now

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yes, it is fixed by now :slight_smile: