“Expected - Waiting for status to be reported” is back

Looks like our favorite error is back: “Expected - Waiting for status to be reported”. I’ve seen this once before, a few months back, but opening a new PR fixed it. Not this time: https://github.com/elalish/manifold/pull/32. It’s been like this for more than 24 hours. Worst part is it never even starts the job, so there are no details or errors to inspect.

Quite possibly due to the user data being out of sync. I’ve resync’d it. Please try again (a restart should do, but if it doesn’t, you can also try pushing a new commit). You can also resync data at https://travis-ci.org/account/repositories.

Hmm, nope. From that link I can see that my builds are in fact passing, but they are not listed under the “Expected” line as the usually are. Even new PRs still have this behavior.

Nevermind, just started working. I’ll assume that was you, thanks!

This happened to me as well - pushing a new, empty commit restarted Travis CI and fixed the issues.

I keep seeing this issue on my repo. ie https://github.com/TheDan64/inkwell/pull/182 despite PR builds having finished running.

Pushing more commits does not fix it for me.

This issue is back for me again. The builds are coming from Github to Travis just fine (and passing), but the response never comes back to Github (not even the initial one saying it’s in progress with a link). The previous advice was to resync Github from my Travis account, but upon clicking the button it simply spins forever and never returns. This seems to happen any time it’s been a month or so since I’ve sent a build to Travis. Multiple days and multiple pushed commits have made no difference: https://github.com/elalish/manifold/pull/38