Ppc64le docker buildx permission issues depending on which group of workers the job runs on

I’m trying to setup a build that uses docker buildx and I’m having issues on ppc64le

#1 starting container buildx_buildkit_builder-manylinux0 0.3s done
189#1 ERROR: Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:349: starting container process caused "process_linux.go:449: container init caused \"process_linux.go:415: setting cgroup config for procHooks process caused \\\"failed to write \\\\\\\"a *:* rwm\\\\\\\" to \\\\\\\"/sys/fs/cgroup/devices/docker/9d6b49365c88da2340ba4a93c5ddd1db6afe16632e9529ad7896b1ebefaa3dda/devices.allow\\\\\\\": write /sys/fs/cgroup/devices/docker/9d6b49365c88da2340ba4a93c5ddd1db6afe16632e9529ad7896b1ebefaa3dda/devices.allow: operation not permitted\\\"\"": unknown

build logs:


All runs well on arm64 (graviton2 vm) & also on s390x. All I could find by digging a bit on google is that it’s most likely linked to the LXD config but then, I would expect s390x to fail as well (unless both archs do not share the same config).
Anyway, I’m stuck here. Any help appreciated


It seems to be working or not working depending on the location of the host.
Working here:

Not working here:

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I finally got it to work by spawning a rootless docker daemon myself.
See https://github.com/pypa/manylinux/pull/998 for the details.

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