Encrypt-file fails and returns with try to login with --org

using the Travis CI CLI ver 1.11.1 on OSX 12.3.1

When attempting to run encrypt-file I get a message that says… “not logged in - try running travis login --org”. Obviously --org has been completely disabled so I can even login to travis org anymore.

➜ travis --version

➜ travis login --pro --github-token XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXSHTw
Successfully logged in as tcisagebio!

➜ travis endpoint --set-default --api-endpoint https://api.travis-ci.com/
API endpoint: https://api.travis-ci.com/ (stored as default)

➜ travis encrypt-file foo.txt -r Sage-Bionetworks/agora-data-manager --debug
** Loading "/Users/zaro0508/.travis/config.yml"
** GET "config"
**   took 0.32 seconds
** GitHub API: HEAD /repos/Sage-Bionetworks/agora-data-manager
**   took 0.19 seconds
** GET "repos/Sage-Bionetworks/agora-data-manager"
**   took 0.33 seconds
encrypting foo.txt for Sage-Bionetworks/agora-data-manager
storing result as foo.txt.enc
storing secure env variables for decryption
** GET "settings/env_vars/?repository_id=21847475"
**   took 0.33 seconds
not logged in - try running travis login --org