Double builds for all merges and PRs

For about a month on one organisation repository, I’ve noticed two builds are being queued for each and every merge to master, and for each PR push. I’ve not seen it on my personal fork of this repo, or any other repo or org.

You can see two builds for each " Merge pull request X from Y" with the same commit ID for these merges to master (

PRs (

Scrolling down, it looks like this started somewhere around build #6713 on 14th January:

Any ideas what is triggering this?

I guess you have two references to Travis with the same purpose in your Github project’s intergration settings because of a recent migration: .

The simplest way would be to delete all Travis-related integration entries and re-add your project in Travis UI.

That reminds me, we did get ‘This is not an active repository’ around the same time and had to re-enable it:

Yeah, this looks related. If some integration entry stopped working, you added an updated one, then it started working again, you would end up in the current situation.

The integration entries are in , under “webhooks” and “services”. Only someone with appropriate permissions can see them.

Thanks! There were webhooks, removing the extra one fixed it.