Build checks out wrong Pull Request: #79 instead of #7?


On the top it says: “Pull Request #7” and “Commit 36384f8”. However, logs say:

$ git clone --depth=50 yeputons/hse-2019-pb-tasks
$ cd yeputons/hse-2019-pb-tasks
$ git fetch origin +refs/pull/79/merge:

Note that it pulls Pull Request #79 instead of #7 for whatever reason. Consequently, it takes commit from the wrong pull request (36384f8 is a merge commit for 6ad824 for #79, no relation to #7 whatsoever).

This causes wrong status reporting for at least one PRs.

Any ideas on how to fix/work around this issue and make Travis report correct status? What can/should I fix to avoid such issue in the future?

UPD: I’ve tried closing and re-opening the PR to trigger a new job, it happened, but same thing happens: Travis pulls refs/pull/79/merge instead of refs/pull/7/merge.

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