Documentation build triggering

Since November 2019, I am not anymore able to update the documentation on the gh-pages of my package MatrixEquations.jl. I would appreciate very much for any hint on how to proceed when moving from the previous way (i.e., before November 2019) to trigger documentation building to the new one, based on workflows. With the new workflow for TagBot, I was able to automatically update the release of the package and expected that (somehow, by a miracle) the documentation building will be triggered too. Apparently, other packages (e.g., Polynomials.jl) faced the same problems (see #199).

In the meantime I succeeded to fix the problem using the following hint from #1322, which I reproduce, just in case, somebody is faceing a similar problem.

mortenpi commented 4 hours ago

Quickly glancing at MatrixEquations, I think the issue is that the documentation stage never runs on Travis because you have both jobs: and matrix: in .travis.yml . This used to work, but Travis made a breaking change at some point. See the second note here for more info.