No output has been received and then build terminated on Arm64


I found some issues while running test on Arm64 platform on this weekends, please see the report:

I also spotted a similar issue found on ovsrobot, see also:

Anyone can help address the issues?

I’m also seeing these stalls, specially in the last week.

They appear more frequently during the compilation of C files, like in:

Here’s one weird stall during a cache archive upload:

My arm64 jobs that use

  - docker

usually run into the 10min timeout already before (or at best while) Docker is installed (with sudo systemctl start docker which I couldn’t even wrap into a travis_wait 30):

For comparison: In 10min my amd64 build is already done building the Docker image and pushing it to DockerHub… :upside_down_face:

This issue has been reported many times before, but Travis seems to have abandoned their multiarch support (other than for PR on their blog). For a workaround and a list of previous threads mentioning this, see e.g. here: Travis Build gets stalled for ARM64 job in pandas package