Contradictory information in the UI on whether credits are replenished on the Free plan

I’m confused: are Free Plan credits replenished monthly or not?

My account says I’m on the Free plan and “Please note that your Credit balance will be replenished monthly.”

But clicking “Change plan”, the “?” for the Free plan shows “Free Plan is trial plan. The credits will be not replenished.” (sic)


I’m now out of credits and cannot test open source on Travis CI. Not my own projects, and not forks of other projects.

My account says I need to go to the Plan page to replenish credits:

But the Plan page says credits will next be replenished on November 16, 2020, today:

But the Plan page also says credits will be not replenished:


I would appreciate a reply from Travis CI staff to explain what exactly is going on here! Thank you!

I’m still figuring this entire mess out, but it looks like the free plan is actually a trial where the 10k credits are a one-time deal and that actual money is required for more.

The monthly thing seems to be requestable

It looks like they are replenished… if there’s anything to replenish.

So there’s no contradiction actually. The plan tooltip is speaking about regular credits while the OSS tab text about OSS credits.

It’s certainly confusing to read “next replenish date: [today]” every day but no credits are replenished.

I believe this is the reason.

The default value is If there’s no data in DB, it remains that. Note that the “purchase date” is also shown as today if you didn’t yet make any purchases.