Deployment to PyPI: is there a way to only upload artifacts from previous step?

I am making use of the automatic deployment to PyPI: PyPI deployment - Travis CI. However, I already built all the wheel artifacts that I want to upload in a previous step (using cibuildwheel), and would like to only upload those (and not try to build anything in the deploy step).

But it seems that the PyPI deployment always tries to build something itself (the default is distributions: "sdist", PyPI deployment - Travis CI). This default avoids building wheels (which is OK since I built those with cibuildwheel), but I would also like to avoid building an sdist (since this is already built and uploaded using github actions).
I tried setting distributions: "", but that gives an error.

Context for not wanting to upload an sdist and only the wheels: the sdist is also already built and uploaded through github actions. If Travis also tries to upload the sdist, it depends on which workflow (Travis or GitHub actions) finishes first, which sdist will be uploaded. And since the GitHub actions workflow also uploads the sdist to the GitHub release, I want to ensure that the sdist on github and on PyPI are identical by ensuring it is always the sdist from GitHub actions that gets uploaded to PyPI …