Use Travis CI to build python distribution and upload to JFrog Artifactory

I would like to use Travis CI to build and publish distributions to Artifactory. Does anyone have an example configuration that does anything like this they could share?

Hey @Spineswitch,

This is a simple .travis.yml that answers your question.

- virtualenv buildwheel
- . buildwheel/bin/activate
- python sdist
- curl -fL | sh
# - jf config add <my_server> --artifactory-url ${RT_URL} --user ${RT_USER} --access-token ${RT_API_KEY}
# - jf rt upload --server-id <my_server> --flat=true dist/\* <my_repository>/
- jf rt upload --url ${RT_URL} --user ${RT_USER} --access-token ${RT_API_KEY} --flat=true dist/\* <my_repository>/
- deactivate
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