Travis deploying sdist but not wheel

I try to deploy to PyPI on tags. The documentation suggests that on: tags: true will trigger deployments when a tagged commit is pushed.
Here’s a snippet from my travis.yml:


 - provider: script
   script: SSHPASS=$DEPLOY_PASS sshpass -e scp -v -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no $PROJECT_DIR/artifacts/debian/* $DEPLOY_USER@$DEPLOY_HOST:shepherd/debian/
   skip_cleanup: true

 - provider: pypi
   user: $PYPI_USER
   password: $PYPI_PASS
     tags: true
     all_branches: true

I’m pushing with: git push origin --tags
Here’s a link to the build:

Did I miss something?

I see that the sdist was successfully uploaded, and the file is available at PyPI.

According to (and confirmed by source), you need to specify distributions: if you wish to upload something else.

Thanks for pointing that out. Indeed the upload to PyPI wasn’t working at some stage and then I focussed on the warning Skipping a deployment with the script provider because this branch is not permitted: v0.0.8 without actually checking on PyPI.
Everything working as expected now.